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  • How To Keep Your Vehicle Protected In The Winter

    We’ve talked about how to Winterize your vehicle before the snow hits, but what about keeping your vehicle protected in the Winter when the cold Waterloo temperatures have already hit? The thermometer has dropped, with much of the Winter spent in minus -0 temperatures, and some drivers can feel nervous about how these temperatures impact their vehicles. […]

  • How Often Should You Wash Your Vehicle?

    There are many ways you can wash your vehicle, from an automated car wash at your local gas station to a hand wash at home, or a service in between. Whatever the case might be, it’s important to wash your vehicle thoroughly at a regular frequency. Not only does it make your vehicle look aesthetically […]

  • What You Need To Know When The Engine Light Comes On

    If you have driven a vehicle for a period of time, chances are, you’ve been there – a point in time when you’re driving and the engine light turns on for some unknown, unexpected reason. What do you do? Pull over? Call your mechanic? The worry is real. When the engine light is on, there […]

  • What You Need To Know If You Drive a Manual Vehicle

    If you’re a natural born car lover (like us), you likely have a special affinity for manual vehicles. Some believe that the ability to drive a manual vehicle is truly a lost art, while others prefer it for the performance (manual transmission usually have better acceleration), less weight and less of a power loss than […]

  • Here’s How To Drive In the City – 5 Tips You Need Now

    Let’s be real – driving in Waterloo is far different from driving in downtown Toronto. Learning to maneuver in the jungle of sky-rises and concrete can often be a skill, and one that drivers shouldn’t soon forget. Many of us drive frequently through the city, while others would prefer to simply stay away. Whatever the […]

  • What Happens If You Get In a Car Accident With A Lease?

    Getting in a car accident can be a life changing event, and it’s often something we don’t want to talk about. Whether it’s a small fender bender or heaven forbid a collision that seriously impacts your vehicle, we need to be prepared for the unexpected. The unexpected can be even more challenging if you get […]

  • Here’s How To Winterize Your Vehicle

    Winter technically begins on December 1 – December Solstice – which means we are so close to the season ahead. With the upcoming season comes new ways that we need to approach day-to-day living, such as allocating more time to get to work as we drive through snow, bundling up with more layers as we take our […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Honda

    There is no doubt that Millennials will influence auto trends in the coming years. Not only do they make up a quarter of Canada’s population, they are buying more vehicles than ever before. Yet, Millennials differ from that of their parent counterparts; where Baby Boomers were loyal to their desired makes of a vehicle, Millennials […]

  • Winter Tires in Waterloo – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

    By the time the cold weather rolls around, we receive call upon call about Winter tires, storage of all-season tires and how to prepare vehicles for the Winter. From our perspective, Winter tires in Waterloo are an absolute must-have – though we understand that our customers and prospective customers often need to hear why they are […]

  • New VS Used Vehicle – What’s Best For You?

    Ahh, the smell of a brand new vehicle – perfectly smooth leather seats, the stitching is simply impeccable, and no sight (or scent) of spilled coffee in the console. Isn’t it nice? At this point in time, the question of a new VS used vehicle is a no-brainer; you’re totally and utterly consumed with how […]

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  • Once again we had an amazing experience with Honda Waterloo. Jorge welcomes my family every time we enter the building, if we are there to get service done or if its time to talk about a new vehicle. He is so great to deal with. From the very first time we met him and bought our first Honda vehicle, he treated us amazing and really made us feel comfortable to ask questions and look at the different vehicles he had to offer. We have now purchased three vehicles from him, because his amazing service is what keeps bringing us back to Honda Waterloo. If you are thinking about purchasing a Honda, Go see Jorge at Waterloo Honda. You will receive the same professional service, that our family receives.

    - Jennifer Schill

  • could not explain how appreciated I am from the selling experience. The whole experience at the dealership was very nice and comfortable. They understand customer needs and do not upsell products. The dealership has the highest degree of integrity from every salesperson. I really appreciate Jorge for the great service and recommendations for buying a new vehicle and will always come back to Waterloo Honda even though I live in Toronto and have bunch of dealerships in Toronto Area. Thank you again.

    - Jeremy Jun

  • Had a really great experience here, twice now. Last year with hubby's car purchase and again this month with my own. Highly recommend dealing with Ming Ge for sales. He's blunt, honest, and laughs a lot. Really relaxed and you don't feel obligated to buy immediately. Great at answering emails quickly and following up. Catered to my little kiddies when they were there as well. Looking forward to a long car-relationship with Waterloo Honda.

    - Jennifer Book



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