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10 Tips for Springtime Car Maintenance

As the snow turns to puddles (at least we finally hope so), it is time once again to freshen up some spring-cleaning and routine car maintenance. A spring tune-up is a great way to welcome the warmer weather and make the season official.

If you’re planning on getting away with the family this spring break, then all the more reason to show your vehicle some love before you hit the road. A 360-degree inspection will help you ensure that minor issues don’t slip into big problems before the season is through.

Car Maintenance To-Do’s For Spring

1. Check Your Visibility

Winter weather can clog up your wipers, dirty your windshield and muck up your lights. Improve visibility for yourself and others on the road with a good run through the carwash. Keeping a clean vehicle is more than simple vanity – it’s safety!

2. Check Your Fluids

Pop the hood to see how your fluid levels are holding up. Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car, but there are also a handful of other liquids that should not be overlooked. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid, wiper fluid and antifreeze should all be topped up and checked off on your list as well.

3. Check Your Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses can get cracks or fray from uneven or excessive wear. Make sure they are all in good working order. If you sense that they are looking a little rough around the edges, get them replaced as needed.

4. Check Your Battery

Corrosion and loose fitting connections can cause dim lights or reduced power. While you’re under the hood, clean off your battery and ensure that all of your connections are good and secure.

5. Check Your HVAC System

Smell that funky odour when you turn on your A/C? It might be time to give your ventilation system a cleaning. Replacing your clogged air filters can actually improve gas mileage by about 10% or up to 208 litres a year.

6. Check Your Brakes

If your brakes are grinding or sticky, then don’t take any chances and come in to Waterloo Honda for an inspection. We’ll make sure that your brake pads, lines, rotors, and fluid are all good to go.

7. Check Your Tires

If you’re ready to make the switch from your winter to summer tires, or even if you have all-seasons, the start of each season should be your quarterly reminder to give them another once-over. Ensure that they are properly inflated, as this can also help to improve your gas mileage by approximately 3% or 68 Litres a year. Check the sidewalls for cracks or bulges. Uneven wear are an indication of alignment issues.

8. Check Your Exhaust System

Common problems with exhaust systems include leaks or broken supports, If you’ve noticed any puddles in your driveway that cannot be blamed on snow, a leaky exhaust system could be the issue.

9. Check Your Suspension

If your steering wheel or vehicle has been pulling to one side over the other, there is likely an issue with your suspension. Be sure to ask to have your shocks and ball joints checked during your routine car maintenance inspection.

10. Check Your Oxygen Sensors

Faulty oxygen sensors means that your engine is forced to guess how much gasoline it should use, which can result in a polluted engine and poorly functioning vehicle. Replace your oxygen sensors every 30 – 50K to keep your car running smoothly.

Book an appointment with Waterloo Honda’s service team to ensure your car is ready to race into spring.


Mar 16th, 2017