Waterloo Honda offers a full range of new and used vehicles. We boast an enthusiastic and competent sales staff to help you every step of the way. Even with the numerous upgrades and expansions of the last few years, we still offer a family-like atmosphere for all your automobile needs.

Questions About Buying A New Car? We’ve Got Answers…

Our New Vehicle Sales Team

General Manager
Lothar QuakGeneral Manager

Lothar joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 1990.
Lothar ist fließend Deutsch.
Favorite Movie: The Point

Sales Manager
Jared MacGregorSales Manager

Jared joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2011.

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

We bought a new car from Waterloo Honda a couple of weeks ago and dealt with Jared MacGregor. It was an easy and friendly transaction. Jared is helpful and very knowledgeable, good at answering questions and making sure we had all the information we needed for our decision. He never made us feel pushed, just well informed. He is still answering questions cheerfully and thoughtfully. Everyone I have met at Waterloo Honda has been very friendly and helpful. We have had a warm welcome into the world of Honda owners.
J Schott

We’ve had our Odyssey for a few months now and absolutely love it. We had a great purchase experience at Waterloo Honda with our salesperson Jared. His no pressure approach, informed responses to our questions and willingness to make special accommodations for us to test drive (since we have a young family) were very much appreciated.
Steve Brenneman

Jared is fantastic…no pressure approach…very friendly and great sense of humour. Got us into a Honda Fit that we are ecstatic about. If you need a car, Honda is the brand, and Jared is the guy. Highly recommended!
Kyle Hornby

While looking for a new car, sales consultant Jared MacGregor stood out above all the rest. He was well informed and provided excellent service. He made the experience of buying my first car simple and fun. Unlike some of my other experiences that where extremely awkward or didn’t take me seriously. I would recommend Jared to anyone looking at getting a new vehicle.
Alex Farquhar

I just bought a 2015 Honda Civic EX from Jared MacGregor at Waterloo Honda! Jared is an exceptional salesman, he really made the car buying process simple and fun! He is incredibly knowledgeable and ensured that I too was informed before purchasing this vehicle. If you want someone that is helpful yet hilarious, contact Jared! He’s the man!
Jessica Rossi

Jared was my salesman and he was phenomenal … no exaggeration! From the start, when I said I was “just wanting information” to the day I was handed the keys to my brand new Civic, Jared was a funny, professional, knowledgeable and all-around happy guy, even when I kept him late. Kim handled the financial part with ease, ensuring I chose the right options for me. Kevin was also amazing. He took the time to make sure I knew my car inside and out and let me know he was happy to answer any questions I might have, any time. I am extremely happy with my car and remain confident I went to the best lot in the KW area. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Kristina Campbell

We recently purchased a new vehicle from Waterloo Honda. I recommend my sales man Jared MacGregor to other potential buyers. He is professional, helpful and thoughtful. Before our test drive, unlike most sales who just simply passed the key to us, Jared showed us some key features about the car, and even drove us for a few minutes for better introduction. The price negotiation process is also efficient and both of us reached a sweet point quickly. When we picked up the vehicle, he explained/demoed every detail of the car clearly, without mentioning a nice bonus for us – a full tank of gas. Thank you, Jared.
Zheng Lin

The staff at Waterloo Honda are welcoming and friendly. Jared, in particular, made sure that I knew everything I needed to know about my car and we ended up talking about music and life as well. Nice personal touch.Thanks for all the great oil changes and making sure my car doesn’t break down spontaneously! I know you’d sell me a new one if it came to that! 🙂
Rebecca Binnendyk

Excellent service! A fellow by the name of Jared, if memory serves me. Class act, minus the act. All business with a touch of soul. Looking forward to the next time. It’s great to see customer service materialized.
Charles Simpson

I bought my first car here and had a fantastic experience! Jared MacGregor was knowledgeable, friendly, professional and hilarious. The cars and the experience are both awesome, I highly recommend Waterloo Honda and Jared in particular!
Nicola Macdonald

Jared was helpful and accommodating, he worked with me to find a good fit and didn’t mind that I wanted to test drive multiple cars while making a decision. Made me feel welcome and even hooked me up with an ice cream cone. If you’re looking for a fun experience, check Jared out, he’s good for a laugh and knows his stuff.
Steve Burditt

Amazing experience! I was slightly nervous buying my first car from a dealership. I walked into Waterloo Honda prepared to deal with stereotypical pushy salesman and scared to pay more than I wanted for a car. Luckily everyone at Waterloo Honda made me feel very comfortable. I dealt with a great guy named Jared who is very down to earth and answered all my questions. He made the process actually fun! If you are looking to purchase a new car don’t hesitate to go into Waterloo Honda and ask for Jared.
Sarah Lamb

Just picked up a new van last night from Jarred. He was great during the presale process as I asked him many many many questions, and he answered them all with a smile. Very happy with the service, and would reccommend Jarred to anyone looking for a Honda Product!
Adam Kropf

If you need an honest, friendly, or even just an ear to listen…you HAVE to see Jared MacGregor. You won’t find a friendly, kinder salesman who has integrity, yes integrity. He worked hard to find me a car at the right pricing. You couldn’t find a better person than him..so your next car adventure..see him, you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sherry King

Excellent service! A fellow by the name of Jared, if memory serves me. Class act, minus the act. All business with a touch of soul. Looking forward to the next time. It’s great to see customer service materialized.
Charles Simpson

I met Jared on a cruise a few years ago. He had over heard me speaking about how i was saving for a new car. I generally dislike cheesy car salesmen, and their tactics. I decided to give Jared a chance and payed him a visit to Waterloo Honda. Jared displayed no cheesy car salesmen selling tactics. He was very patient with me as I bombarded him with a zillion questions about the Honda civic that i wanted to purchase. Currently I am driving a 2008 Civic that Jared sold me. I love my car and I have no regrets! Please go see Jared at Waterloo Honda!
Erica Rudd

Went in to check out a civic last week. Was greeted nicely by reception and then went through some options with I think his name was Jared? (He had a beard) lol! He didn’t push me to buy right now lik the other dealership I visited so I will definitely be back when its time for me to buy!
Karen Jenkins

Fantastic experience at Waterloo Honda. Jared MacGregor is the guy to talk to for ALL of your needs.
Two thumbs up!
Five stars!
Matt Thwaites

Jared at Waterloo Honda is the man. He was professional yet personable, and really worked with me to get a good deal on a great car. I definitely recommend going to see him!
Mitchell Schmidt

I loved the service that I received from Jared at Waterloo Honda. He took the time to find out what my needs are, as well as my budget-and did not simply try to push things at me. He also took the time to really show me the car that I test drove, rather than simply handing me the keys. As a new buyer, the prospect of buying a new car was very intimidating, but Jared made the process as stress-free as possible. All of the staff were friendly and congenial-I recommend Waterloo Honda and Jared’s services!
Nathan Martin

Was in the market for a used vehicle when a family friend gave me Jared’s number. I explained my budget and what type of vehicle I could afford. Wasn’t expecting much because there probably wasn’t much money in it for him. Much to my delighted surprise he called about me about a week later and had a vehicle to test drive. We met up and the car was everything that I could have asked for and more. He walked me through the whole process and I’m still enjoying my ride. Further I have added Jared to my list of friends and would highly recommend him to my own family and friends. Truly a gem of a person not just a sales guy! Added bonus is his great sense of humor and ability to put you at ease.
Katherine Bourget

I love Honda Waterloo.
Walking into OTHER dealerships can be daunting (I made the mistake of going somewhere else before going to Honda Waterloo). There are dealerships out there that make you feel like a piece of meat and the dealers are the vultures and they swarm as soon as they see you. They can be overwhelming and pushy, but eventually the skies part and the sun will come out when you walk into Honda Waterloo. I love Honda Waterloo! I have always been welcomed in a professional and friendly manner as soon as I walk in the front doors. The receptionist always had a smile on her face and was quick to tend to me. The coffee was always hot and the little Honda cookies are delicious (I always have to scam a few extras for my Dad who also loves them)
The maintenance department has always been friendly and knowledgeable and the service is always quick. They make great efforts to get you and your automobile through in a timely manner. They are honest about what your car needs and the competitive pricing is great. It is also refreshing seeing the same people in the maintenance department, knowing there is little turnover in the staff makes me feel, personally, more comfortable leaving my car there for service, trust is developed.
However, Jared McGregor keeps me coming back. I have now purchased two automobiles from him and I could not be happier with this experience. My first car was a Civic, then I upgraded to a CRV (Canadian Winters and my commute didn’t jive well with my Civic). Jared’s level of service is warm and welcoming. He has an energizing smile and a great sense of humor. Jared is friendly, honest and knowledgeable about everything Honda (warrantees, automobiles, services etc.). He makes recommendations about your purchase and makes sure you are very comfortable and informed about all your decisions. Even after I purchased my vehicles, he was available for any questions or concerns I might have. The level of service that Jared provides has always above and beyond what I would have expected. Jared makes sure to get to know you as a person and help figure out what automobile would be the best fit for your life. He is more of a good friend then someone I purchased a CRV from. I would not only recommend purchasing a Honda, but I would strongly recommend going to Honda Waterloo and talking to Jared!

I am a proud owner of Honda Civic, after visiting multiple dealers in and around Kitchener Waterloo I rightly chose Waterloo Honda. The only reason for that is Jared Macgregor. He is an excellent sales representative and made such a good impression on me that I consider him as my bro. Since the delivery we have been in such a wonderful relationship just because of all kind of help we receive from Jared. I am not a car geek, but I that does not worry me because I know Jared is there to help me out for any kind of issues.
Pintu Mahajan

My experience at Waterloo Honda has never been anything but fantastic! Everyone there always greets you warmly with a smile. Jared MacGregor has gone above and beyond his call of duty as a reputable salesman, and not only have I come away with a reputable vehicle I can count on, but two close friends have purchased from him as well- both enjoying every step of the “new car purchase” process. I recommend Waterloo Honda to my friends and fam as much as I can- no one will be dissappointed with the service there. Ask for Jared. Also the cookies are really good… enough said.
Sarah Kunert

Jared MacGregor was really great! Very knowledgeable about the vehicles, friendly, and hilarious. Loving my new car!
Amber VanderDeen

When shopping around for my first brand new vehicle I test drove cars at almost all of the Waterloo dealerships, however it was Jared MacGregor at Waterloo Honda that won us over. He was attentive, funny and very easy to deal with. We appreciated the fact that he was not pushy but was still interested in selling us a great car. We can’t say that about any of the other sales reps at the other dealerships. We were so happy with the service Jared provided that 7 months later we approached him to trade in our other vehicle for a new CR-V … best decision ever! We will continue to return to Waterloo Honda to deal with Jared in the future and I recommend all serious car shoppers talk to Jared!!!
Raegan M

Very friendly staff as soon as I walked in. Jared is very knowledgeable, had an answer for my many questions. I love my CRV!
Melinda Wilson

Jared was a great sales guy, friendly and easy to joke around with. I recommend Jared when buying your next Honda.
Jenn Matheson

Needed a small commuting car that could fit my bike. Came here to try out the Honda Fit. Totally loved the car. Dealing with the sales team was great. A first for us: Jared demo’d the stability, breaking, and performance with a crazy test ride before letting us test the car for ourselves. This is a great idea as regular people wouldn’t be pulling off these sorts of maneuvers in their test drive.
Edwin Vane

Its pretty cool when the folks at your car dealership treat you like a friend. I actually look forward to getting my car serviced because it is great to see Rob in service and to chat with Jared in sales. Great cars, great people.
Jeremy Tracey

Sales Manager
Keenan ChowSales Manager

Keenan joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 1995.

Favorite Movie: A Few Good Men

We have purchased 3 new vehicles from Keenan Chow at Waterloo Honda. Customer service, honesty and quality are what you get from this dealership. We do not know a lot about cars and they do a wonderful job of helping you make the right choice without feeling pressured into buying what you don’t need. Will continue to buy at this dealership from Keenan!!

Financial Services Manager
Muhammad SiddiquiFinancial Services Manager

Sidd joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2016.

Sidd is fluent in English, Urdu, Panjabi and Arabic.

Favorite Movie: Zootopia

Financial Services Manager
Tim ZonneveldFinancial Services Manager

Tim joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2010.

Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind

Customer Care
Zoe PotterCustomer Care

Zoe joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2013.

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future

Sales Consultant
Dave HowesSales Consultant

Dave joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2013.

Favorite Movie: Anchorman

I had a great first experience getting a new car on my own. Dave Howes was excellent at answering all my (many!) questions and explaining my options with no pressure. Go see Dave!!
Chelsea Bray

I bought my first car from Waterloo Canada. I had no knowledge about car buying in Canada but the employees at Honda made it very easy for me. I am loving my new Honda Fit , I would strongly recommend Waterloo Honda and Dave Howes.
Malvika Sharma

Overall great experience! Dave Howes was very helpful and was able to provide me with everything that I needed to help make my decision easier. I needed to make my decision fast as I needed a car as soon as possible. He was willing to come in on his day off to ensure that I receive the car in time. Overall, everyone was very friendly and made buying my first car a great experience! I would recommend Waterloo Honda to anyone!
Kaitlin Shaw

I bought a 2013 Honda FIT from this dealership. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable about the vehicle and helpful in deciding on the car that was right for me. The service department was flexible in scheduling me and did a fine job for a reasonable price. I have no hesitation recommending the staff and salespeople at Waterloo Honda. Dave Howes helped me and he really knows his Hondas and is good and passionate about what he does. Customer service is above expectations. Robert
Robert Mysicka

Waterloo Honda offers an excellent experience. Dave Howes was my sales consultant. He is both personable and professional. I’m very happy with my Honda and hope to continue driving it for years to come. It’s nice when quality of service matches quality of product.
E Woolfrey

We purchased our very first car from Waterloo Honda. Dave Howes was fantastic! We love our vehicle and would not go anywhere else as the service, commitment to customers and knowledge would bring us back for each of our purchases as well as recommend to others.
Katie Purcell

Although I was weary about making my first car purchase ever I had a really good experience at Waterloo Honda and I am really glad I chose to go there. My sales consultant was Dave Howes and he was informative, helpful, and patient. I felt no pressure at all to make a purchase but am sure glad I did.
Martin Woudenberg

I recently purchased a vehicle from Waterloo Honda and couldn’t be happier. I visited many Honda dealerships in the area and received the best service from Waterloo Honda. The salesperson, Dave Howes, was very knowledgeable about the features of the vehicle and gave me helpful advice. I kept in contact with him before, during and even after I received my vehicle. Big thanks to Dave for all your help…I love my car!
Shaesta Mitha

I recently decided to lease a 2015 Honda CR-V. Definitely one of the best decisions I have made so far. I’ve been through my fair share of used cars and new cars, but this was by far the best experience I’ve had to date. The sales representative who assisted me was Dave Howes. He was extremely knowledgeable and knew what I was after. I picked up my new car on Wednesday, and have been loving every driving minute so far! Everyone at Waterloo Honda was very nice, and made me feel like I had found a reliable and trustworthy place where I feel comfortable coming to. I love my new vehicle, and I am so glad I decided to trust Honda this winter!
Amanda H

I was referred to Waterloo Honda by a friend, and my experience was nothing short of spectacular! My salesperson, Dave Howes, was both knowledgeable and straight forward regarding my lease of a Civic. He had an honest answer for every question I had, and even gave me his cell number so I could communicate with him quickly regarding all aspects of my purchase, from pricing to features.
The process from signing to driving was very quick, just over a week. Waterloo Honda was quick to get my financing through, and dealt with the licensing for me. The delivery process was quick and simple, and the dealer followed up with me on more than one occasion to ensure I was happy with my new vehicle.
I would highly recommend Dave Howes and Waterloo Honda to anyone.
James Schnarr

Today I got my Honda Civic 2014 Lx.
After trying all different types of dealers (Mazda, Toyota and Mitsubishi) I mad my decision to get Honda.
The moment I entered the dealer shop, the receptionist is very welcoming, polite and respectful.
The guy who was responsible for showing me the cars, Dave one of their (Sales consultant). He is one of the nicest guys in the shop.
First, he gave a test drive which was so different, he drives the car first and shows you what it is capable of in terms of handling, speeding and turning. (Not just talking like other dealers) he prove to you what he is talking about, then he gives you the wheel to test it yourself.
He listened exactly to what I’m looking for, was very professional, and offer me one of their cars. however, the price was not in my range. He asked what I’m willing to pay, and he took my offer so seriously and did more than what he is capable of. Amazingly he succeeded and I made the deal and bought the car.
Dave gives a full details about the car, it’s like his own car. knows what he is saying. answering my questions and quires professionally.
The day I picked up my car, he gave three gifts (Im not gonna say what are they, keep it as surprise for others :).
The car is washed, gas full, and he set up my phone on the car.
Very satisfied about their service, recommended.
Thanks Dave for your service.
Husam Eddin

I purchased a 2014 Honda Civic a few weeks ago from Waterloo Honda and couldn’t be happier with the experience. The salesperson, Dave Howes, helped me through the entire process from start to finish. He was very attentive to what I was looking for, always offering good advice, and I never once felt pressured. The entire experience of buying the vehicle at Waterloo Honda was extremely smooth and in the end I went home with an excellent, reliable car that I will be happy driving for years. Highly recommend Waterloo Honda if you are in the market for a vehicle!
Lauren Willmot

We purchased a brand new 2013 Honda Accord last year from Dave Howes at Waterloo Honda and we thought he did an outstanding job helping us find the perfect car. It was our first time buying a vehicle and Dave helped us through the entire process. He wasn’t pushy in any way, he wanted us to know exactly what was available so we could find the perfect car for us. We never felt rushed with Dave, he answered all questions we had. He puts the needs of the client first. He wants his clients to be confident knowing they’ve invested in a high quality vehicle. If you have any interest in buying a Honda, start by going to Dave Howes.
Kevin McHugh

Waterloo Honda gave me exceptional service. My sales representative Dave Howes was especially conducive to helping me find my perfect car. He had so much information and expertise to give me so I could really find the right car with everything I was looking for. It was overall a great experience buying my very first car.
Alisa Moore

I purchased a 2013 Honda Civic at Waterloo Honda in February of 2014 and throughout the whole process; I received top-notch service from the entire team, especially my Sales Associate Dave Howes. When I started looking for my first car I worried that I might not be able to get exceptional service because I am young and because I was not planning on buying immediately. That concern ended once I arrived at Waterloo Honda. I was quickly paired up with a Sales Associate (Dave), who began by getting an understanding of what features I was looking for in a vehicle, my main priorities (Safety, Budget, Comfort, Performance etc.) and of my budget. Being asked how much I was looking to spend actually improved the overall process, as Dave was able to explain vehicles that would fit that budget perfectly. When it came time to look at vehicles in the showroom, I was shown particular features that met my priorities. When going through the vehicle, Dave tailored his explanations to my interests. Perhaps Dave’s greatest strength as a sales associate is being able to tailor his explanations to anyone, as on another occasion, I watched him explain the features of an SUV to a completely different demographic with a completely different focus. A couple weeks passed and I continued to look at different vehicles, all the while Dave was available to answer questions about Honda’s offerings even while he was on vacation. Ultimately Dave managed to find a vehicle that fit my needs, and my budget by looking at a 2013 Civic. After I selected my vehicle, the Business Manager, Alicia was upfront, clear, honest and helpful as we went through the various sets of paperwork and discussed warranties and loan options. I truly appreciated that instead of showing me the cost of a particular option, she showed how it changed my monthly payment, making the true cost of the option apparent, and decisions easier to make. Finally, the day arrived where it was time to pick up my vehicle. During this process Kevin spent roughly 45 minutes going over the features of the vehicle both inside and out, discussing maintenance and the onsite service facilities. Upon delivery the vehicle was clean, polished and parked under an awning, which made looking at the outside features of the vehicle more pleasant. After purchase, I continue to receive follow-up calls ensuring that I had no questions, and that all my needs were met. It is easy to say that from the moment I walked into Waterloo Honda, the entire team from Sales to Delivery were focused on meeting my every need in a prompt, professional manner. I would highly recommend that anyone, of any age visit Dave Howes at Waterloo Honda for their next vehicle purchase, and fully expect that their experience will be on par with, or exceed my own.
Andrew W

Sales Consultant
Jorge SandovalSales Consultant

Jorge joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2006.
Jorge es fluido en español.
Favorite Movie: Cinderella Man

Just started my 3rd lease with Waterloo Honda! My sales guy Jorge Sandoval is wonderful to work with and the whole experience with his supporting staff was great!
Jennifer Halcrow

I have purchased 2 new vehicles from Waterloo Honda and have recommended it to several other friends who have also purchased from there. The difference is our sales person Jorge. He doesn’t pressure you to make a decision, he knows his vehicles and he’s completely honest about the purchasing or leasing process. We are completely comfortable coming to him to purchase a vehicle and when we need service, he is also there to help the process along. I highly recommend going to see Jorge if you are looking for a new vehicle. You won’t regret it.
Sonya Knipfel

What an incredibly positive experience! I had been looking to purchase my very first brand new vehicle, after years of being a satisfied used Honda owner. Waterloo Honda came highly recommended by a friend, and I now understand why. The personnel are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their products, but they leave their customers feeling important. Jorje Sandoval was incredibly helpful and considerate. My questions were answered and I was never dismissed or made to feel a nuisance (as I had been at other dealerships). I felt the difference when I first walked in the door. No pressure to purchase or upgrade features, etc. Staff are personable and caring, and the overall experience was enjoyable. I would highly recommend Waterloo Honda.
Sunita Gulati

Jorge was a great sales person. The purchase was seamless and he followed up afterwards to make sure that everything was going well. The most impressive part was when I saw him around town he always remembered me by name.
Kathryn Fedy

Buying a car should be a very enjoyable experience and I’m happy to report it was! So many times the sales staff can overwhelm you and make the process something that you dread. I had a very different experience this time. The team at Waterloo Honda was top notch and very professional – I highly recommend. Special mention to my sales consultant Jorge. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the process and I felt he went above the call of duty to please me. If you’re in the market for a new car, ask for him and you wont be disappointed.
Trevor Heal

Upon entering Waterloo Honda, Jorge Sandoval was very eager to assist me and answer any questions I had. Jorge was very patient and personable, moreover, he was honest about my car making decision, as he answered any question I had accurately. Jorge was able to give me the best deal on my 2014 Honda Civic, and I am very thankful. I love my new vehicle as well, it is known for being a long-lasting/durable car, and I plan to maintain it for many years to come.
From the beginning, Jorge drove me in the car to explain its features, to ensure I was comfortable, then I took it for a ride and I knew it was the car for me. I tried out many different dealerships as anyone would, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai, but it was here that I found what I was looking for.
During the process of making the deal for the car, I had a lot of questions, hesitations because it was my first time purchasing a brand new vehicle (I had purchased used before), and Jorge seemed to work around the clock because he was always there to answer my questions when I needed.
On the day of the purchase, Jorge stayed after-hours to work with my work schedule. Furthermore, he personally moved my plates, took pictures with me and the vehicle to send to my family afar, set up my bluetooth, etc.
Once again, thank you for being an outstanding Sales Associate, Jorge, I would definitely recommend the services provided by Jorge and the Waterloo Honda team!!!
Mark Blackwood

Met Jorge Sandoval in Waterloo Honda. Excellent dealership and really helpful sales. Got my 2014 Odyssey at a fantastic price. Overall very pleasant purchasing experience. Will recommend families and friends to Waterloo Honda!!
Kelvin Wu

Traditionally – for me at least – automobile purchases have always left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, primarily because I never know if I’ve left too much on the table. It is a refreshing change then, to find a salesperson like Jorge Sandoval at Waterloo Honda. I have leased and purchased vehicles from Jorge, and in both cases felt entirely looked after and entirely satisfied that the deals I made were both fair and the right ones for me. In my opinion, that’s what matters when purchasing an automobile. Highly recommended. BTW, never had any issues with the service at Waterloo Honda either. They have been outstanding.
Andy Legg

My wife and I bought a used car from Jorge at Waterloo Honda and would do it again! He was courteous and most helpful. I usually don’t trust sales people but Jorge’s down to earth attitude and no pressure sales style put me at ease. He was able to answer all our questions and make sure that we got the best car for us and our budget. When it’s time for my next vehicle purchase I know I’m going to call Jorge and go to Waterloo Honda for another great and effortless car buying experience! Thanks Jorge for making buying a car a lot easier!
Allan Hancock

Just the other day I happened to go by the Honda dealer in Waterloo, I was looking into the possibility of getting another Honda. I already have a Civic but wanted to maybe get into a CRV, since the winter is still here and so harsh. So I got talking to Jorge Sandoval since I am very comfortable with him, he was the guy that put me in the Civic, and made the inquiring process so easy. I love the way he treats you , no pressure, which is a really good feeling, makes you part of the Honda family. I asked him how come that everybody is so friendly, he said that the people here are focused more towards people and make them feel that they really are part of the family. Jorge is always giving the best deal, even if sometimes maybe it is not in his best interest, but give a little and you gain a loyal customer, that is why I enjoy dealing with him. His friendly attitude, honesty and smile is a sure way to make your buying experience a wonderful event. The only thing he did not mention was that I was going to forget where the gas stations are since these cars are exceptional for fuel economy! I highly recommend Jorge, you should seek him and also highly recommend the Waterloo Honda dealer, their staff is awesome!
Julian Shea

Sales Consultant
Ming GeSales Consultant

Ming joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2015.
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Financial Services Manager
Rebecca FriedelFinancial Services Manager

Rebecca joined the Waterloo Honda Team in 2015.
Rebecca spricht fließend Deutsch.
Favorite Movie: The Terminator

Sales Consultant
Chris ContonisSales Consultant

Chris joined the Waterloo Honda team in 2017.

Favourite Movie:  Sense and Sensibility

Sales Consultant
Mihail (Mike) JurjSales Consultant

Mike joined the Waterloo Honda team in 2017.

Mike’s favourite movie is Rocky 5

Mike is fluent in Hungarian and Romanian.

Sales Consultant
Nadia KohistaniSales Consultant

Nadia joined the Waterloo Honda team in 2018

Her favourite move is The Titanic.

Nadia is fluent in Farsi


Sales Consultant
Nathan CorbinSales Consultant