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Honda is an extremely well-known brand and also has a manufacturing plant right here in Ontario. The first Honda to be sold in North America was in 1969 and has been a fan-favourite ever since. With sedans to SUV’s to even pick-up trucks, Honda guarantees a vehicle for everyone. For those who might not be as familiar with Honda as some others, here are the 7 top reasons why you should own one:

    1. Reliability

Honda’s are often rated as the most reliable vehicle when it comes to how long they last on the road. Canada’s Black Book voted the Civic and CR-V best-retained value of 2021 with over 90% of their vehicles purchased in the last 10 years still driving on the road today. Honda’s were made to last, which is why you see so many of them throughout the years on the road. Reliability is a major factor when purchasing a vehicle because you want to know you’ll make it from point A to point B, and Honda’s are sure to do that for years to come. 

    2. Safety 

Did you know that Honda’s come standard with their own safety suite? Enjoy driving at peace knowing you’re well taken care of. Honda’s Sensing Suite includes road departure and collision mitigation, lane assist, adaptive cruise control and auto high-beam headlights. You can also drive at ease with other safety features including traffic sign recognition, LaneWatch (a camera on the passenger-side mirror will display live video to assist with safely changing lanes), a blind spot information system, a cross-traffic monitor and so much more. Honda wants you to feel safe and secure while in your vehicle, and they’ve achieved just that with all of the safety features available in their lineup. 

    3. Eco-Friendly

Honda plans to have their vehicles electric in the next few years, so with that, they already offer some great choices for hybrid or electric automobiles. The Honda Accord Hybrid offers the sleek and spacious drive as a regular Accord, but with the added benefit of being more eco-friendly with the hybrid option. It comes with great efficiency numbers, their standard safety suite and more. Other eco-friendly options include the Insight and Clarity Hybrid – both sedans that offer the space you need. 

    4. Affordability 

Honda’s come packed with so many features, that many are shocked by the reasonable cost. Honda’s come standard with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and the Honda Safety Sensing Suite which offers LaneWatch / Blind-Spot Display, Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Collision Mitigation Braking System, and Adaptive Cruise Control … this is typically just on a base-line trim! Honda wants every customer to feel like their purchase was the right one, so they ensure each Honda is carefully built and offers the necessary features customers actually want and need in a vehicle. 

    5. Resale Value Honda’s tend to have an outstanding resale value due to their positive reputation which means a larger return on your investment when you go to trade it in or sell it later on. While with Honda’s, you could probably drive your vehicle to the end of its life, but if you wanted to upgrade it a few years in, you can rest assured knowing

that you’ll get a great value on it from whoever purchases it next. The style of Honda and its modern designs also assist with ensuring the vehicle doesn’t look outdated anytime soon on the road. 

    6. Fuel-Efficient

Gas prices aren’t going much lower any time soon it seems, which is why a Honda is an excellent choice as their vehicles post exceptional fuel economy numbers. This goes for the entire lineup – it’s not just the smaller options that save you money when it’s time to fill up your gas tank. Honda’s larger options such as the Passport and CR-V offer great fuel economy as well. When making the switch from one brand to a Honda, you’ll absolutely notice the positive difference. 

    7. Variety

Last but surely not least, Honda comes prepared to offer their customers a wide range of vehicle options to suit their needs. Whether they are looking for something more compact like the Honda Civic, or spacious and able to take on all terrains like the Honda Passport, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Looking for a sedan or hatchback? Honda offers the Accord, Civic, Civic Type R, Insight, and Clarity. They also have spacious crossovers such as the HR-V and CR-V, as well as 5, 7 and 8 seater SUVs like the Passport and Pilot, and we can’t forget the Odyssey van and Ridgeline truck. 

Honda has won countless awards over the years and is known to be one of the leading automotive manufacturing brands in North America. With so many of their vehicles still on the road today with more to come, it’s a given that owning a Honda is a must. 

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