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Tips And Tricks To Ensure Your Vehicle Is Ready This Fall

September is just around the corner (we know… we’re sad too), which means that school is about to start. If you own a car, that could mean added commutes to and from class or work which makes this a great time to get some car care in before the real driving starts.

Keep your car in tip-top shape and avoid being late with these great car tips from Waterloo Honda:

  1. Keep your battery charged (always!) – Imagine coming out of class or your part-time gig to find your car just won’t start. It’s happened to most of us at some point or another and it’s never a fun moment. While Honda does offer roadside assistance to help you out in these scenarios, it’s best to avoid this service when you can – especially when you just want to get home after a long day! Car batteries typically last between three to five years, so if you’ve had your vehicle longer than this, it wouldn’t hurt to have your mechanic have a look and see if there’s a need to replace it. 
  2. Be aware of your car’s oil level – This is one of the most basic and common service appointments and is essential to having your vehicle run smoothly to and from your destinations. You can normally check your levels in your vehicle dashboard in newer models, but older ones you can either bring into our service shop or check at home yourself! Having little to no oil can cause some serious engine damage and create more issues than just needing an oil change. 
  3. Check your lights – The sun will start to set earlier come the fall which means some of your driving may take place in the evening when it’s dark. Your headlights make it easier for you to see during your drive home and for oncoming vehicles to notice you and avoid any potential collisions. As well, taillights help vehicles behind you not only know you are there but also when you are braking or slowing down.
  4. Inspect your brakes – Brakes are meant to be replaced when they are starting to become thin. Having worn brakes can affect your car’s ability to stop when necessary and cause potential danger to your safety. Having your brakes checked regularly is important and very easy to do! 
  5. Know your tire levels – Tires are obviously essential to your vehicle if you want to get anywhere as they are your vehicle’s actual contact with the road. Improper tire pressure can increase wear and tear so it’s important to check this regularly. It’s also important to ensure you have no flat tires before you drive off after class – but roadside assistance is there to help you just in case.
  6. Have a spare tire – Going along with knowing your tire levels, it is also important to be sure you have a spare tire in the event that you do ever have a flat tire. 
  7. Make sure you have all the proper documents – It’s never a good feeling to be pulled over while driving, but if it ever happens, it’s important to be ready and able to present all the necessary documentation. Ensure that you always have your proof of insurance, registration and of course your driver’s license on hand so you can quickly provide this information to any officials. 
  8. Be prepared with an emergency car kit – In the worst care scenarios, it’s always good to be over-prepared than under. Your emergency kit should include a blanket, jumper cables, bottles of water, snacks, flashlight, shovel, phone charger, first-aid kit, basic tools and anything else you feel could benefit you in an emergency. 
  9. Inspect your wiper blades and washer fluid – Be ready for any condition Mother Nature throws you and your vehicle’s way. Heavy downpour, flurries, dirt from the vehicle ahead of you? Be prepared by ensuring your wipers can clear your windshield quickly and efficiently. This will make sure that your drives are safe and keep your visibility intact. 

Have younger passengers getting ready for school as well? Make sure that your seatbelts are all in working order, not only for your safety but for theirs as well. 

Aside from keeping your car in tip-top shape, take a few minutes of your day to make your drive enjoyable as well as practical. Include these items in your vehicle to make the most of your ride:

  1. Hand sanitizer – Even before covid-19, germs still existed and gas pumps, door handles and more were just a few places they were lurking. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it as soon as you get in the car. For even more protection, keep a cloth or get a spray-can of sanitizer and clean your steering wheel, handles, buttons and anywhere you may touch frequently. 
  2. Mask – Keep a clean mask somewhere accessible in your vehicle. This makes it handy if you need to roll down your window to talk to anyone, or if you make a trip to the gas station or somewhere that requires face coverage. 
  3. Water bottle and snacks – You never know when you might get stuck in traffic, especially if it’s around lunch or dinner time. Ever heard of the term “hangry?” This can help until you get home!
  4. Small portable vacuum – Get rid of those pesky crumbs and dirt until your next detail. Driving a clean car can just sometimes make those drives a little better.

Before school starts, be ready for anything that may happen and take preventative measures to avoid any disturbances in your daily commute. At Waterloo Honda, we’re more than happy to help service your vehicle and ensure you are road-ready. 

Ready to book your next appointment? Give one of our Service Coordinators a call and they can help with getting your vehicle into our service department, or answer any maintenance questions you may have. Looking at a new vehicle? Our sales department has a huge inventory of both new and pre-owned vehicles. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you find the perfect back-to-school vehicle for you.