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Some things you should know about the sometimes confusing language of autobody repair.


As in, the real thing. Parts that are made to the same exacting specifications as your new Honda automobile. Very simply, these are the exact same parts that were used when your Honda was being made. Using Genuine Honda Collision Parts helps maintain the value of your Honda and provides important benefits in a number of areas.


In other words, what the parts are made of. This can affect the reliability of the parts, their impact energy absorption integrity, and their corrosion resistance. Genuine Honda Collision Parts are manufactured using the very best of materials. For instance, our sheet metal parts are made from the highest quality steel which is properly treated to prevent corrosion penetration. This helps maintain the vehicle’s original designed-in
structural integrity.


In general, this means what the paint job looks like. Fortunately, when it comes to your Honda’s body, beauty is more than skin deep. Underneath, a special primer process is used on Genuine Honda Collision Parts to help resist corrosion and promote uniform paint adhesion for the best
possible finish.


This has two meanings in autobody language. First, it refers to how well body lines match up when parts like the hood, fenders, and tail lamps are installed. The problem is, imitation parts may not be the exact shape of the original equipment parts, and mounting holes often don’t line up correctly. This can cause misaligned body creases and large unsightly gaps between parts. This leads to the other meaning of ‘fit’ i.e. what you’ll have when you see your Honda after it’s repaired with parts that don’t fit.


A simple definition: Genuine Honda Collision Parts are covered by Honda’s Replacement Parts Limited Warranty. * In addition, they’re covered for the remainder of the new car corrosion warranty, the coverage that includes parts and labor. Neither salvage nor new imitation parts are covered by the Honda Replacement Parts Limited Warranty, and their use may nullify the warranty of associated parts and systems. Please keep in mind that if imitation parts are used in the repair of your Honda vehicle, Honda is not responsible for any loss of value at resale or trade-in.


also, know as Economical replacement parts or Aftermarket parts. These parts are to look and perform like your Genuine Honda Collision Parts. They may not fit 100% of Honda’s specifications but to the industry standards. This does not mean that these parts are of poor quality. This Non-Honda Replacement Parts must meet CAPA (Canadian Aftermarket Parts Association) Certification. These parts are usually lower priced than Honda Genuine Collision Parts. We will still warranty our workmanship if these parts are used, however, we cannot warranty the Non-Honda Replacement Parts. They have their own manufacturer’s warranty, which is generally a one-year limited warranty. When dealing with insurance companies, they may specify us these parts on your vehicle if your vehicle is over 20,000km and/or a one year or older. This will vary from insurance company to insurance company. If this is the case with your insurance, you have the option to discuss this with your insurance company or pay the difference for the Genuine Honda Collision Part.