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Your vehicle says a lot about you, and taking care of your vehicle shows how much you care for your investments. Summer means a lot more travelling and time on the road, why not show how much you care about your vehicle by regularly washing it? Regularly cleaning your vehicle has a lot of benefits, but how often should you be cleaning your vehicle? There are many ways you can wash your vehicle, from an automated car wash at your local gas station, a hand wash at home, or a service in between. Whatever the case might be, it’s important to wash your vehicle thoroughly and regularly. Not only does it make your vehicle look aesthetically impeccable, there are a variety of other great reasons why you should pay close attention to a fresh vehicle

Here’s why you should wash your vehicle regularly…

1. Because your vehicle is a major investment.

You spend a decent amount of money on your vehicle, why wouldn’t you take care of your investment? Regularly washing your vehicle will help signal to others that you’re invested and aware of how important your vehicle is to you. There is nothing better than seeing your freshly washed car as you approach it to take it wherever you need to go. If you show up to a dealership to sell your vehicle down the line, and it’s covered in dirt and rust, the perceived value of your vehicle will undoubtedly drop.

2. It will remove salt accumulation during the Winter.

You know the Winters we have in Waterloo – those with so much salt on the roads to help our vehicles stay safe on the roads? They’re great in the cold season, though not so great on our vehicles. The salt can really accumulate and do damage to our vehicles.

3. You’ll avoid build-up of other nasty droppings.

It’s summer, and there is a lot that can make your vehicle dirty in a hurry. Dead bugs, tree sap and bird droppings are just a few of the things that can stick to vehicles and cause significant long-term corrosion. Washing your vehicle regularly can help avoid build-up of these annoyances.

So how regular is regular?

The answer is…

Every two weeks or so, you should give your car a good scrub. This can come in the form of a hand wash or bringing your vehicle to an automatic car wash. Of course, if you live in an area that is filled with dirt and mud, and you drive regularly, you might want to wash more frequently. If your vehicle is most often in the garage and drive infrequently, you might get away with every 3-4 weeks. Use your judgement!

When deciding how frequently you need to wash your vehicle, consider your lifestyle and how often you drive. Remember, washing more frequently will preserve the value and longevity of your car!