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Service Exchange Program

Have your needs in a vehicle changed? Are maintenance costs on your vehicle becoming unpredictable? Want to enjoy the latest in technology and safety?

Our Exchange Program provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your current vehicle and move into a new or new-to-you Honda! We can provide you with a no-obligation market value assessment and discuss your options for a new vehicle that best suits your needs!

It’s as easy as …

  • Sit down with one of our Exchange Specialists and provide us brief information on the current vehicle and needs analysis
  • Preview a new Honda
  • Receive an estimate of current vehicle

Benefits are:

  • Needs change met sooner rather than later
  • Receive the maximum value for trade as you have maintained it well being a Loyal Service Client
  • Reduced driving costs
  • Replenish warranty and vehicle parts which will reduce maintenance costs
  • Keeping up with the cutting edge safety and technology by allowing Honda to do the research and development for you

Contact our Service Exchange team to set up an appointment during your next service visit with us! 519-746-4120